I’ve had a very productive week!

I just realized I hadn’t posted anything in a long while…

I’ve been fixing a lot of tech since my last post. I had a couple customers come in this week to have stuff fixed. So far, I’ve fixed a couple chargers, including a Macbook Pro one, and an iPhone 4. If you’ve ever tried taking a Macbook Pro charger, you know how much of a pain it is to take it apart, so I chose to go for the less abrasive procedure to fix the cable and stripped the wires on the outside. I was lucky I had enough wire coming out of the power supply to solder the cables together on the outside, Wish I got to take a picture because it looked clean.


I wrote my first python script!

All it does is download the webcomic picture files from romanticallyapocalyptic.com I made an account on github and I put up there the script for everyone to see. Hopefully, this gives me motivation to code more! I had fun making it and I had more fun enjoying the fruit of my labor. See the script here.

If you’ve never seen any of their comics I suggest checking them out. While you’re at it, check out questionablecontent.net too! I want to make a script to download their comics as well.